Canvas Wall Art

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post about crafts! Guess it’s time to start making some of those again. I do have a number of projects I can make posts about now.

A lovely actress named Mary Kate Wiles has a video series on her YouTube channel called Craftversations. On Craftversations, she interviews and does a craft with other artists (generally other LA-based actors, I believe). Today’s post was inspired by one of the crafts Mary Kate did on that very show (Volume 9, with Daniel Vincent Gordh).


Materials used: canvas (the one I bought actually had a newspaper print already on it – from Michael’s), letter stickers, craft paint.

Basically, I arranged the letter stickers – using a quote from Harry Potter, naturally – onto the canvas and then painted over them. Once the paint dried, I peeled the stickers off using tweezers, and voila! A fun decoration for my room.


Made a new card today!

This is going to sound cheesy but I’m thinking that, as a way to make more regular posts, I’ll do a feature on Saturdays or Sundays called “Salutation Saturdays (or Sundays).” I’ll post a greeting card that I’ve made and ensure that more posts get put up that way!

Anyhow, on to the post:

Went with a pretty minimalist style on this one as well. I tried to find components that would match, and pulled out an ink pad (hadn’t used one of those for a card for a while!), some thin washi tape, and a pretty button.


(Messy craft table is messy!)

Materials used: ink pad, washi tape, button, Sharpie marker.

Let me know what you think of the card and Salutation Saturdays (or Sundays)!


Cute Acorn Holiday Decoration

How much fun are acorn tops, guys?

If you answered, “REALLY FUN,” then this is a good project for you. It’s very simple but in need of some refining, so let me know if you build on this idea before I do!


2 acorn tops (it’s best if one is smaller than the other)

Craft paint (any color/s; I chose bronze for mine)

White glue

Small piece of yarn (I used a scrap of about 3.5 inches)


Step 1:

Acquire two acorn tops. A smaller one works well as the ‘head’ while a larger one can be the ‘body.’


Step 2:

Paint the insides of both acorn caps.


Step 3:

Use white glue to glue the smaller acorn top to the other


Step 4:

Find a small piece of yarn (dive into the scrap pile if you need to!), no longer than 3.5 inches long (it will be trimmed down later anyway).


Step 5:

Tie the yarn around the ‘neck’ of your acorn figure to create a scarf.


Step 6:

Trim excess yarn.


Voila! Your little snowman-like creature is complete!

I’m thinking about making a couple to keep this one company, and drilling two holes in the top of their ‘heads’ so I can hang them as ornaments! I’ll probably add little arms as well. I thought about adding a face but I kind of like that they’re faceless…


Wooden Bowl Makeover 2.0

[Pictures to be added later]

I’ve been working on a present for a friend of mine for no real reason other than:

a)  I had wooden bowls in need of makeovers


b) said bowls are taking up space in my house so the sooner they can be spruced up, the better!

I started with a plain wooden bowl again. Painted the rim with black craft paint, then ripped up the black-and-white pages of a comic (I’m sorry, comic book fans!) and modge-podged them to the inside. Used colored pages of the comic for the outside, and voila! A delightfully nerdy gift for my comic-book-loving friend! I hope she likes it.

For future posts, I’m going to try and work on taking more pictures to illustrate the steps of my project, by the way.

Wooden Bowl Makeover

As promised, here is the bowl that I painted as a gift for my mom.


I used purple craft paint on the outside and gold enamel paint on the inside, two coats of each. I started using the same gold paint to do the lettering (after outlining first with black Sharpie) but then just used gold Sharpie to write the rest, which looked a LOT neater.

What a difference from how it first started out!