Canvas Wall Art

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post about crafts! Guess it’s time to start making some of those again. I do have a number of projects I can make posts about now.

A lovely actress named Mary Kate Wiles has a video series on her YouTube channel called Craftversations. On Craftversations, she interviews and does a craft with other artists (generally other LA-based actors, I believe). Today’s post was inspired by one of the crafts Mary Kate did on that very show (Volume 9, with Daniel Vincent Gordh).


Materials used: canvas (the one I bought actually had a newspaper print already on it – from Michael’s), letter stickers, craft paint.

Basically, I arranged the letter stickers – using a quote from Harry Potter, naturally – onto the canvas and then painted over them. Once the paint dried, I peeled the stickers off using tweezers, and voila! A fun decoration for my room.


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