In pieces.

I’ve been writing little…tidbits of things almost every day for a couple of weeks now. I figured I might post a few of them, if I felt like they were worth sharing. Here is one from a few days ago.


I want to drop a plate

in the middle of the tiled floor

to let you know that I feel

just as shattered, just as broken.

I think I would take pleasure

in seeing myself in its shards,

but I can’t be bothered to pick up the pieces.



Canvas Wall Art

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post about crafts! Guess it’s time to start making some of those again. I do have a number of projects I can make posts about now.

A lovely actress named Mary Kate Wiles has a video series on her YouTube channel called Craftversations. On Craftversations, she interviews and does a craft with other artists (generally other LA-based actors, I believe). Today’s post was inspired by one of the crafts Mary Kate did on that very show (Volume 9, with Daniel Vincent Gordh).


Materials used: canvas (the one I bought actually had a newspaper print already on it – from Michael’s), letter stickers, craft paint.

Basically, I arranged the letter stickers – using a quote from Harry Potter, naturally – onto the canvas and then painted over them. Once the paint dried, I peeled the stickers off using tweezers, and voila! A fun decoration for my room.

A little rhyming poem.

(Goodness, is it June already? I really need to start posting here again! I’ve made some crafts that I need to share as well, but in the meantime, have a little poem! I wrote this for my boyfriend, because he likes poems that rhyme.)

With her pen, she began to write,

Late, late into the night.

She wrote of things that caused her fright,

She wrote of things that made her spite,

But when she finally turned off the light,

She dreamt of things that gave her might.