Perks of being friends with my sister.

I’ve been experimenting with different writing forms lately. Today I wrote a list (that counts, right?!). I thought about making this more poetic or something, but then I kind of liked it the way it was. A nice, simple list. 

Perks of Being Friends With My Sister

  1. She’ll give you candy and other little presents. It may feel like you’re drowning in kindness, sometimes. (There are worse ways to die.)
  2. She’ll send you letters. LOTS of letters. (She might single-handedly be keeping the US Postal Service in business.)
  3. She’s pretty big on hugs.
  4. She’s not good at lying. You’ll always get the truth out of her.
  5. She says funny things, often without intending to. There’s never a dull moment with her!
  6. She knows a lot about opera. This may seem very specific, and it is, but she makes it interesting.
  7. She’s a hard worker. Her work ethic is inspiring.












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