A new month = a new submission! (Writing process inside!)

I’m actually working on several entries for this month, but the one I’d like to share with you today involves working from a given first line. That’s right. Someone ELSE wrote the first line of this piece, and now I have to see where I can go with it!

I’m not allowed to publish it yet, because rules are a thing, but I wanted to talk a little bit about my process thus far. 

First, I read the first line. Hopefully that’s a pretty logical first step…

Then, I read it again. Several times. I typed it out a few times, too. I left it and came back to it. I wanted time to just let the words sit with me.

Next, I started thinking about a general idea of what I was going to write about. Where was I going to go with that first line? I didn’t want to make it something obvious (the first idea that popped into my head was one that I felt many other writer would think of, too), and I wanted information doled out very carefully. Why? Because the first line is rather mysterious. I wanted that mystery to unfold gradually throughout the course of the piece.

Finally, I started writing. I hadn’t planned out too much, so a lot of the writing just…flowed out and took me places I hadn’t necessarily expected. I LOVED that. I haven’t had that experience in some time.

I’ve split the piece into paragraphs. Each paragraph has a different “piece” in it. At the end, all the pieces will fit together into the full story. I’ve also noticed that, for whatever reason, each paragraph contains numbers, and I think that’s very interesting. The numbers are not a clue or anything, they just help to connect the dots, I think. Maybe they say something about the protagonist, too.

This is very different than anything I can remember writing. It’s rather ambiguous, in some ways, and it has a very somber tone and subject. I had to do some research for this, and it gave me some great insight into the protagonist’s psyche and how her story would play out. I am VERY excited for the finished product, and even more excited to share it here when the time comes!




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