I got my fairytale-themed entry in yesterday with about two hours to spare!

For those who may be wondering what I’m talking about, I wrote about fairytales (Cinderella, in particular) and the online magazine I’m submitting to here.

It felt good to submit something again; I hadn’t submitted for anything for quite a few years, actually. I think the last time was in middle school, when I entered a writing contest and won!

I didn’t stop entering because I stopped believing in myself or anything. I stopped entering because I stopped making time for writing and stopped caring about what my writing could be.

I’m glad that I remedied these wrongs and returned to creative writing. It’s a great outlet and I enjoy sharing my work with others. I’m hoping to have more work up here soon, in fact.


3 thoughts on “Submitted!

  1. How loose is the definition of fairy tale theme? Did they mean that entries were purely brothers grim? Or did it mean to include traditional folk talk as it was originally told?
    I’m rather curious, i’d imagine that the fairy tales would take a very light-hearted tone (because people like those better)


    1. Oh, no, as far as I can tell, ANY version/variation of a fairy tale (even the most macabre) are acceptable to write about. The rules even state that this is NOT a children’s publication for that very reason, I think. I definitely read a few disturbing (but well-written, of course!) pieces that had previously been published.


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