It’s been a little over a year

Since the boys in blue caused his death.

At 25, he had barely started living

And maybe his past wasn’t perfect

But whose is?


Freddie’s death was unnecessary.

There is no place for ‘rough rides’

Or abuses of power.

Protocol is not a choice,

But police brutality is.


It’s been a little less than a year

Since violence erupted

In the streets of Charm City

And we saw how anger corrupts

Even the best of people.


Freddie’s death was a catalyst,

A wake-up call, an anthem.

He showed that our society

Is more broken  

Than the body he spent his last hours in.


© 2016

(I’m not completely happy with this, but I felt it best to post today due to the events it references. Timeliness and all that. Written as a challenge based on this post but also because I’ve been thinking about this lately and wanted to say something about it.) 


The Appeal of Good Writing.

(I was thinking about good writing and this strange little poem thought itself into existence.)


I am turned on by letters mingling on a page

Forming words that evoke images

Or ideas.


I am excited by the way a writer arranges their words

With care and precision

And purpose.


If they strip down to their bare selves

Exposing their truths,

I am ecstatic.


I aspire to be like them,

To take a reader’s breath away

In a moment of pure delight.

© 2016

Perks of being friends with my sister.

I’ve been experimenting with different writing forms lately. Today I wrote a list (that counts, right?!). I thought about making this more poetic or something, but then I kind of liked it the way it was. A nice, simple list. 

Perks of Being Friends With My Sister

  1. She’ll give you candy and other little presents. It may feel like you’re drowning in kindness, sometimes. (There are worse ways to die.)
  2. She’ll send you letters. LOTS of letters. (She might single-handedly be keeping the US Postal Service in business.)
  3. She’s pretty big on hugs.
  4. She’s not good at lying. You’ll always get the truth out of her.
  5. She says funny things, often without intending to. There’s never a dull moment with her!
  6. She knows a lot about opera. This may seem very specific, and it is, but she makes it interesting.
  7. She’s a hard worker. Her work ethic is inspiring.











Fairy Tale Therapy: a review

A few weeks ago, I told you that my latest obsession is fairy tales. Well, that was only partly true. My OTHER latest obsession is web series! They’re a great way to tell stories in short, palatable segments. While they sometimes tell new stories, they often update the classic stories we know and love for these modern times. (One of my personal favorites is The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.) Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon Fairy Tale Therapy (link to the trailer), a collection of videos that combines my love for web series AND fairy tales!  It didn’t take long for me to devour them. Now, I want to share them with everyone! Here’s my review: 

Fairy tale characters have it hard. Their lives may seem ideal, but it’s not easy having to put up with the things they do! While many of their stories end with a “happy ever after,” how long does that last? Not long, according to Fairy Tale Therapy, an engaging series produced by Synthetic PictureHaus.

Each video sees a different beloved character attending a therapy session, often with hilarious results. Goldilocks is a kleptomaniac, for example, in tribute to her tendency to take and use things that did not belong to her in Goldilocks and the Three Bears. She even keeps her little catchphrase, “It’s juuuust right!” from her original story. I won’t spoil the rest of the characters and their problems for you, but trust me, you’ll want to know who else is unhappy with their happy ending!

The therapist who must treat these sometimes-kooky individuals is generally quite patient, though the viewer can see how this job wears on him. His exasperation makes everything all the more amusing, as we can sympathize with him yet be glad that we AREN’T him.

The acting is this series is definitely worth remarking on. It is clear that each actor is very dedicated to their portrayal. They have made strong choices in terms of body language, gestures and vocal intonation; nothing seems wildly out of character. Of course, where would the actors be without good writers? Whoever wrote the FTT scripts is very clever and knows their fairy tales well. I was impressed by their creativity and character development.

The problem with web series is that anyone with a camera can make one, and there are a LOT of them out there on the internet. Some of them lack solid camera work and/or good sound. Thankfully, this is not one of them. The production quality is excellent. FTT is shot from several angles (I think) and the sound quality is enhanced with the help of boom mics.

I know that making a production of this caliber requires a lot of resources, but my one complaint about the FTT series is that the videos sometimes felt too short. I wish there was a little more time to explore the patient’s problem and resolution. Overall, however, this is a wonderful compilation and I hope more people discover them.

The next item on my to-watch list is another Synthetic production called Wish It, Inc.! It is also a fairy tale-based web series. I hope it’s just as good as this one!.

A new month = a new submission! (Writing process inside!)

I’m actually working on several entries for this month, but the one I’d like to share with you today involves working from a given first line. That’s right. Someone ELSE wrote the first line of this piece, and now I have to see where I can go with it!

I’m not allowed to publish it yet, because rules are a thing, but I wanted to talk a little bit about my process thus far.  Continue reading

I am very excited to present the piece that I submitted to Enchanted Conversation. Regrettably, it was not accepted for publication, but I knew it was a bit of a long shot for a number of reasons. I am just glad I was able to finish something and be proud of it. Without further ado, then!

Cinderella’s chariot hastened her to the ball, but not before the rain began. A slow drizzle gave way to a brisk downpour that coated the ground in mud.

Continue reading


I got my fairytale-themed entry in yesterday with about two hours to spare!

For those who may be wondering what I’m talking about, I wrote about fairytales (Cinderella, in particular) and the online magazine I’m submitting to here.

It felt good to submit something again; I hadn’t submitted for anything for quite a few years, actually. I think the last time was in middle school, when I entered a writing contest and won!

I didn’t stop entering because I stopped believing in myself or anything. I stopped entering because I stopped making time for writing and stopped caring about what my writing could be.

I’m glad that I remedied these wrongs and returned to creative writing. It’s a great outlet and I enjoy sharing my work with others. I’m hoping to have more work up here soon, in fact.