Made a new card today!

This is going to sound cheesy but I’m thinking that, as a way to make more regular posts, I’ll do a feature on Saturdays or Sundays called “Salutation Saturdays (or Sundays).” I’ll post a greeting card that I’ve made and ensure that more posts get put up that way!

Anyhow, on to the post:

Went with a pretty minimalist style on this one as well. I tried to find components that would match, and pulled out an ink pad (hadn’t used one of those for a card for a while!), some thin washi tape, and a pretty button.


(Messy craft table is messy!)

Materials used: ink pad, washi tape, button, Sharpie marker.

Let me know what you think of the card and Salutation Saturdays (or Sundays)!



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