The swing is still, hanging by a fraying rope and looking as though it has been unused for years. I walk towards it, slowly, daring myself to sit down on the plastic seat worn from the elements. As I sit, I feel the rope start to give way but don’t stand. I plummet towards the ground and in a matter of seconds I am laughing away the shock and pain. My goal, as always, is to never cry in front of them.

© 2016


Another poetry start.

I cannot harness serendipity

Much like lightning cannot be bottled

But shock is tangible

And the electricity between you and her

Threatens to blow out a fuse.

Ironic, really

That electricity can jumpstart

A dying heart

But break mine.

© 2016

A snippet of a new piece.


You wanted me to take chances

Despite knowing that the abstract abets my anxiety

You thought it was just a matter of being braver

And plunging into life’s deep end

Giving in to the waves of fear and uncertainty

But I have always been afraid of the water

And if I had jumped in blindly I would have drowned.


My first spoken-word poem.

Note: I wrote this a few months ago for a talent showcase. After listening to many spoken-word poems, this was my first foray into the genre. Obviously, it is not perfect, and I may be making changes to it in the future or making it longer, but I am very proud of it!

Deep breaths, solid ground

Heart slowing its pound

My eyes will not leak tears laced with burning-hot failure

This time.

I will be strong

I will prove you wrong

As soon as I build up my defenses I will hide

So far inside myself that your disapproval will never find me.

If I cry, I let you win.

This is why I never let you in!

If I knew how not to crumble

Like a sandcastle besieged by water,

I would man my fortress

Because, yes,

My being is a castle in need of protection.

I wish I knew how to defend myself from the insults

That pierce the walls I am still building

Or rebuilding, for that matter

Instead I watch the pieces shatter.

The floor is littered with shards of my pride

But despair is not a helpful adhesive.

If I could only be strong

Take the barbs as they come

I am more fragile than society demands

My power is in my hands

And I can’t shield it from the condemnation for long.

So as another battle ends

I stand as tall as I can and

Brace myself for the aftermath

And hope that next time

I will be war-ready

And I will hold fast

And the floor will not be such a mess anymore.

Made a new card today!

This is going to sound cheesy but I’m thinking that, as a way to make more regular posts, I’ll do a feature on Saturdays or Sundays called “Salutation Saturdays (or Sundays).” I’ll post a greeting card that I’ve made and ensure that more posts get put up that way!

Anyhow, on to the post:

Went with a pretty minimalist style on this one as well. I tried to find components that would match, and pulled out an ink pad (hadn’t used one of those for a card for a while!), some thin washi tape, and a pretty button.


(Messy craft table is messy!)

Materials used: ink pad, washi tape, button, Sharpie marker.

Let me know what you think of the card and Salutation Saturdays (or Sundays)!