Cute Acorn Holiday Decoration

How much fun are acorn tops, guys?

If you answered, “REALLY FUN,” then this is a good project for you. It’s very simple but in need of some refining, so let me know if you build on this idea before I do!


2 acorn tops (it’s best if one is smaller than the other)

Craft paint (any color/s; I chose bronze for mine)

White glue

Small piece of yarn (I used a scrap of about 3.5 inches)


Step 1:

Acquire two acorn tops. A smaller one works well as the ‘head’ while a larger one can be the ‘body.’


Step 2:

Paint the insides of both acorn caps.


Step 3:

Use white glue to glue the smaller acorn top to the other


Step 4:

Find a small piece of yarn (dive into the scrap pile if you need to!), no longer than 3.5 inches long (it will be trimmed down later anyway).


Step 5:

Tie the yarn around the ‘neck’ of your acorn figure to create a scarf.


Step 6:

Trim excess yarn.


Voila! Your little snowman-like creature is complete!

I’m thinking about making a couple to keep this one company, and drilling two holes in the top of their ‘heads’ so I can hang them as ornaments! I’ll probably add little arms as well. I thought about adding a face but I kind of like that they’re faceless…



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