Wooden Bowl Makeover 2.0

[Pictures to be added later]

I’ve been working on a present for a friend of mine for no real reason other than:

a)  I had wooden bowls in need of makeovers


b) said bowls are taking up space in my house so the sooner they can be spruced up, the better!

I started with a plain wooden bowl again. Painted the rim with black craft paint, then ripped up the black-and-white pages of a comic (I’m sorry, comic book fans!) and modge-podged them to the inside. Used colored pages of the comic for the outside, and voila! A delightfully nerdy gift for my comic-book-loving friend! I hope she likes it.

For future posts, I’m going to try and work on taking more pictures to illustrate the steps of my project, by the way.


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