Beachy necklace!

In honor of my trip to the beach, I’ve made a sea glass necklace!


A piece of purple sea glass is wrapped in silver wire and placed on a store-bought silver-plated chain.

Simple, easy, and beachy! Can’t wait to wear it to go beachcombing.


Wooden Bowl Makeover

As promised, here is the bowl that I painted as a gift for my mom.


I used purple craft paint on the outside and gold enamel paint on the inside, two coats of each. I started using the same gold paint to do the lettering (after outlining first with black Sharpie) but then just used gold Sharpie to write the rest, which looked a LOT neater.

What a difference from how it first started out!


From Dollar Store pizza pan to magnetic organizer!

Today I bring you my first REAL craft blog post!

It’s gonna have pictures and everything! 😀

I made THIS


out of THIS!



Pizza pan (purchased at the Dollar Store for a dollar!)

Scrapbook paper

Paper flowers (for scrapbooking/embellishing; purchased at Michael’s)

Magnet strip

White glue


I cut a piece of scrapbook paper (12 x 12) to fit roughly half of the pan. The paper is currently not glued on because I’m not sure if I’ll want to change it or not.

To make the magnets, I took a strip of magnet and glued it to some paper flowers that I had bought.




The non-paper-covered half WAS going to be a message board type thing, but dry erase marker didn’t erase as well as I thought it would. 😦

I’m not sure if I’m going to paint it or add other embellishments (buttons on the rim? Washi tape?) but for now I’m happy with what I’ve made. It cost only $1 (because I had the other supplies) and took mere minutes to make. I think I’m going to paint one of the Scrabble tile holders that I’ve been holding on to and make a sort of stand out of it.

Let me know what you think!

Obligatory introduction post!

Hey all,

I’m a girl who just wants to have (crafty) fun.

I make jewelry, knit, and make greeting cards, mainly. Upcycling is a particular interest of mine, and my reason for collecting tin cans, buttons, and a whole manner of other things!

I may also post writing here from time to time, as that’s another (creative) interest of mine.

I hope to keep this fairly up to date if at all possible, but I regret to say that my track record with these types of things isn’t the greatest.

I hope you’re all ready to go on this blogging adventure with me!